Becoming a blogger…okay, easy enough to say, but what is it and how to begin. I took a blogging course to get me started and wrote my first blog on December 17, and have published 12 blogs so far. Not a bad start, I suppose, but I am just now beginning to get the hang of it. It’s all so much bigger than I realized it was; it’s like a whole other world! Now that may seem like a silly statement to some, but for us baby boomers this internet thing is like traveling to the moon.

We had telephones…and televisions and computers; but not like today. In my youth a mobile phone was one with a 30 ft. cord! It stretched a long way so you could move around while on the phone, but you had to be very careful or things ended up on the floor, or the cord wrapped around anything that got in its way and you got stuck (not able to move or hang up when your conversation was over). The cord was coiled like a spring and when stretched out and then allowed to relax back into place it was apt to wrap itself into the coils and tie itself into knots. It took many long minutes to carefully uncoil the cord and stretch it back out again. If you didn’t uncoil it, the next time you had a call you might not be able to get the receiver far enough away from the phone to even answer it!

Televisions were bulky, had small screens and more often then not had a grainy picture. They received signals through an antenna which was often mounted on the roof and frequently had to be rotated in order to get anything at all; and of course in the beginning they were in black and white only.

And computers…..well, no one had a computer in their home because they were the size of a small house! They spit out little cards with holes in them…not sure how all that worked. Even on Star Trek computers were at least the size of a coke dispensing machine!

My children grew up with the emerging technology that created the internet and they flowed right along with it. I, on the other hand, found it all mystifying. I did have a little word processor which I loved, but as for computers I was totally ignorant. However, I have been learning how to operate and use a computer and not doing too badly. I also have an iPad which I use a great deal and love and I have a kindle reading tablet which was a big step for this book hoarder. It took a while to get used to the idea of reading a book on that little screen instead of holding a book in my hands.

But, now, I am blogging and I am discovering that my experience with computers, tablets and the internet has been woefully limited! There is so much more out there! When my sister and I went to London we had never traveled on a subway, nor even seen one, so we determined we would do that. When you walk along the sidewalk you can’t see the subway. You see signs that read: Underground. Understatement! We went into the entrance of Victoria Station and the first thing we found were shops….a long, branching hallway lined with shops! We went through the archway that led to the actual underground and more shops…then we were at the top of an escalator. We went down, more shops and another escalator; virtually thousands of people coming and going, and when we moved to the top of the next escalator we could look out over a vast cavern lined by shops on one side, trains on the other and booths scattered here and there.

We went down, wandered around, up and down more stairs and escalators; there are at least four levels in London’s underground, it is amazing! There are maps to help you find the right train and people whose job it is to offer assistance, otherwise you might get lost down there forever. As I learn more about the internet it is looking more and more like the underground. So many levels, so many ‘trains’, so many shops and places to go and visit, it is mind boggling! You can’t see the internet by looking at a computer or a tablet and just using one a little you don’t really even scratch the surface of what is out there. But, I am learning. It is a adventure in discovery! I love it!

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