As a new blogger, I have so much to learn. I have taken one course on blogging and am currently going through everything I can find about writing on the web. It’s a little like going on a journey with a general idea of the direction you need to go in but no detailed knowledge of the road that will take you there, just a familiarity with some of the terms along the road map (oh that sounds familiar…I’ll go that way).

When I my mother was nine years old her family moved from Oklahoma to California. It was 1934 and the area of Oklahoma my grandparents came from was just starting to enter the twentieth century. Even though they traveled the journey in an old Dodge pickup, their trip was much like it had been for travelers thirty years earlier who traveled by covered wagon. They had few highways to follow, mostly dirt tracks, and they were loaded with everything they needed to carry along with 13 passengers. Needless to say, they moved very slowly, no more than 50 miles a day. It took them more than three months to make the journey with at least one stop along the way to earn enough money to continue traveling.

Arriving in California was like entering a different world; one where they were not well received. My mother stated that it seemed their dog was more welcome than they were. Life was hard for them and it wasn’t until my mother and her siblings went through the schools in California and reached adulthood that the family began to see an end to their poverty.

Coming out of the last century into this new century is opening new vistas for me, like looking into an alien world; like it must have been for my grandparents, for example: traveling along paved roads with reflectors that looked like electric lights at night along the highway and other more ‘modern’ conveniences they had never experienced. One of my grandmothers told me that when she saw the reflectors along California’s highways she thought they were actual lights and thought California must be a really rich state to have electric lights along their highways! These things seem so common place to us that it is hard to imagine what it must be like to see them for the first time. Knowing about them even is not the same as coming upon them and experiencing them for the first time. Indoor toilets, running water out of a faucet in a sink, turning on the lights with the flick of a switch, many people even in our present day world have not experienced these things in their every day life. Learning the internet is a lot like that.

New worlds mean new challenges and I have determined to conquer this new way of writing and communicating. I have so many resources open to me that I’m not sure I will ever get through them all, much less master them, but I only need to learn a few to get started and then use and practice will do the rest. Unlike my grandparents, I have a head start in the road I have embarked upon. Many of these new terms and tools are already familiar to me, so hopefully I will reach my goal quicker than they did theirs; and be as successful as my parents and their siblings were in becoming a part of the new world they found themselves in.


    • Thank you. I’ve given myself six months to learn this, but it’s already starting to open up for me. I’ve changed my website so many times it’s starting to make me feel a little dizzy and I am writing about things that weren’t on my original list, but I’m enjoying it.

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