I started this page a full month ago, feeling my way along and now I am a little more comfortable with the whole process. I am learning to navigate the website. I am learning the basics in web writing….lots of 3 to 10 minute lessons. I’m taking it slow because I find it easier to learn new things in small doses; however I have been spending hours going through all the resources open to me and am gleaning tons of good stuff as I go.

I have a lot of material about family and their stories. I have a lot of material about my trips with my sisters. And I am interested in gardening and crocheted projects. I have been reading other blogs and am enjoying finding out what other people write about. And…as I go along, learning, practicing what I am learning, I am finding new horizons in my walk with the Lord. The learning process seems to be two fold: one part practical steps I can do to start a new career in a new world, and one part spiritual awakening through that process.

At the end of November last year this was all behind a closed door for me. I knew I needed a new source of income. I knew I wanted to start writing again. I knew God had a new plan for me. Then I stepped into December and made the decision to take a blogging course and from there this has all opened up….like a book, one page at a time. One month and here I am! I have my own blog. I am starting to explore the world of web writing. I am making connections and it is all amazing! Brand new and amazing!

I am excited to see where I will be in a year. I have mapped it out for myself, but a year is a long time. Will I reach my goal? Will I exceed that goal? Walking with God is always an adventure and this one is getting bigger every day. He opens doors that no man can shut and I am stepping through!

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