When we meet with friends we say, “how are you doing?” We look them in the eye and connect with them because we care, because we want to know how they are doing. Sometimes we ask ‘how do you do’ in a casual, uninterested way as an informal greeting with a stranger. But to look your friend straight on and ask how they are doing is a much more involved greeting. We ask and we wait for an answer because we are interested in how they are doing.

I was reminded of that this morning as I met with several women from my church for prayer. “How are you doing?” I put my hand on a shoulder and leaned in a little. I wanted to know how they were getting on; were they well, happy, healthy; it was a true concern and I wanted to hear their response. I think that sometimes we go through life just touching lightly on the lives around us without ever truly stopping to make a connection; without ever finding out what is really going on with other people.

I recently heard someone say, “God touches lives through people.” We pray for God to hear us, to answer our prayers, but do we stop to realize that those prayers are going to be answered through the people around us; or that maybe we are the answer to someone’s prayer for that day? There are 7 billion people on Earth and I wonder if most of our problems stem from us not taking the time to make connections with people in our sphere of life. Could we make a difference in the world just by reaching out to those nearest to us? Could we create a network of people connected to people one person at a time? To come out of our little world and reach out to just one person by simply asking..”how are you doing?” And, then stop and listen. It might just change someone’s life and that someone could very well be ourselves.

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