Sunny and bright today, but with a cold wind blowing. Still I love the sunshine. My daughter lives in Colorado and they are in the middle of a snow storm that has grounded flights and kept people home from work and school. So there we were, me in California with my sunshine and her in Colorado with her snow storm, talking on a video chat while she showed me the views from all her windows. I love it! I can sit and talk with my daughter, face to face, even though we are 1100 miles apart; and she can be in the midst of one kind of weather and I in a completely different one at the same exact moment in time. Star Trek for sure!

There are still times we talk on the telephone, but being able to connect on a face to face link is amazing; makes her feel so much closer than just on the phone. We live in a truly amazing time. Today Facebook and Instagram went down. What a shock for millions of people who tried to get on their favorite social media site and it just wasn’t there. Major flashback! Instant communication; being able to talk and see the one we are talking with even if they are on the other side of the world, as well as instant meals, instant entertainment, and almost instant delivery of anything you can imagine purchasing; cars that drive themselves, drones delivering your groceries [still working on that one], nearly anything we want right at our fingertips with little or no effort on our part.

I remember back in high school reading about these things as a part of our future and now…they’re here. You can go to college right from your own home computer. You can attend conferences in your living room that are being held thousands of miles away. You can find any recipe you want in seconds online; or bits and pieces of information, maps, photographs, famous quotes, references you have forgotten. Yet…it seems like we are more ignorant and uneducated than ever. We have people elected to congress whose ignorance of the way our government works is shocking. I hope my doctor doesn’t have that kind of lack in his education! How can someone who doesn’t even know what the three branches of government are get elected to one of those branches?

If the whole of the internet went down tomorrow I wonder if we wouldn’t be plunged into a modern ‘dark’ age. What would people do if they couldn’t access the web…or Facebook, or get news that tells them what and how to think? I have a primer that was my great uncle’s from when he was in grammar school. When I read that little book I see an education that covers all 12 years of a child’s basic education today contained within those few pages, English, math, science, geography. One little primer from one year of school at the turn of the twentieth century gives a better education than you can get in grades K thru 12 today. Why? Because it covers all the basics and makes the reader think about what they are reading. And it is more advanced for the level it was directed toward than what kids at that level are getting today.

So we have all this technology which we all love, but we are less educated on the whole. Which means all that technology is in the hands of a few, often overseas, and if it did all fail tomorrow we wouldn’t have the expertise to get it up and running again. If our newly elected congress members are an example of college graduates then I would have to say our colleges are not really educating as much as they are brain washing our youth. How ridiculous that a college grad thinks we can do away with cows because we can just go down to the store and buy milk! It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

I wonder why we don’t have more trade schools where people can actually learn how to create and maintain our technology. Or learn a trade that is needed within our communities and gives someone a way to make a living for themselves and their families. We can laugh at the idiocy of some of the people we see in the news but it really isn’t funny when you realize how many people are that ignorant and worse. Instead of graduating socialists who are clueless, why not graduate highly qualified individuals with specific skills? Then, maybe, I wouldn’t have to wonder what would happen if my internet connection was lost and I couldn’t facetime my daughter any more.

I may be from the semi-dark ages of our technological world, but I do like all these new fangled gadgets that we are all are so fascinated with. I like being able to do video chats with my daughter. And I like being able to sit down at my computer and read, write, search, shop or play games. I know I would be okay if it all went away tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean I would like it. This world we live in is interesting; so much to see and do and learn; no matter how old you are!


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