It’s still only mid March, but it is definitely spring here in Northern California. There are some storms coming in, but we are mostly having sunshine and lots of it. Trees are budding out all over. The almonds are in full bloom as are many of the fruitless varieties of plum and pear. My fruitless mulberry is loaded with buds ready to burst forth. My rose bushes are leafing out beautifully. And, of course, the weeds are growing in over abundance.

I look at all those weeds and know what they are going to look like this summer…just plain nasty. Right now they are green, their branches, leaves and flowers lush and quite pretty, but by this summer they will be dry and yellow. The worst part though is that most of those weeds are burrs that cling to animal’s fur and people’s clothing. They are stickery and hard on bare feet. So…I need to get rid of them as much as possible. Best solution? Mulch, I think. At least around my roses and places where I have planted flowers.

I love plants….and even weeds when they are fresh and green; but weeds become a problem if you don’t deal with them properly. We have weeds growing in the garden of our beautiful “land of the free and home of the brave”. And those weeds have been ignored and allowed to grow because they seemed harmless and really, we don’t mind them as long as they stay weeds and leave our gardens alone. But weeds multiply and they take over the garden if you don’t deal with them. From killing newborns to killing those deemed useless to society…we have a weed that is becoming more and more viral; taking over our sense of morality, righteousness and justice. It’s hard to understand and even harder to remain silent about.

I want roses in my garden. I want beautiful flowers and wonderful plants growing in pots and beds; enriching my environment, beautifying my yard. I don’t want the weeds to take over; but I’m not sure about my country anymore. Is there anyone out there that finds it disturbing that we have descended to infanticide and euthanasia of those who make us uncomfortable? Is this really what we want in our land? I’d really like to know how others feel about this in language that isn’t nasty. We have a Hitler like antisemitism movement rising up in our colleges, drugs flowing freely across our borders, slavery in the form of human trafficking happening all around us, babies being torn limb from limb before they are even born and murdered afterward if they manage to survive the horrors of abortion; and lawmakers making their own laws according to what they want instead of representing the people who elected them. Can we really keep hiding from what is happening in our country?

Maybe I’m just living in a fantasy, but I keep thinking that Americans will rise up and say enough is enough. That we will fight for our country and hold fast to the values that we have all trusted in and depended on for generations; values that have allowed us to live freely the life we love living. But…maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

So I go outside and work in my yard, because it is the only space in my life I can even approach having some measure of control. I will fight the weeds and I will pray for my country. The sun in the sky brings life to my plants. The Son in my heart brings life to my soul and I will trust HIM for renewal in my land.


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