We are entering mid-April and it seems that most of the storms have passed. Temperatures are approaching the 70’s and the sky is a deep blue. Beautiful!

I have been busy potting and arranging pots and making things nice. I bought an electric fountain for the corner behind the front door. Love it! And I made two, very small ponds with solar fountains. I bought some water plants for the ponds and they are starting to stretch up and out. I am eager to see how they look as they grow and produce blooms.

I used two large pots for the ponds. One looks like a half barrel, but is smaller than a real half barrel and a red, plastic pot that has a ceramic look to it. The solar fountains have no storage capacity and spray according to how much sun there is. With all the cloudiness we have had that means they sometimes do little more than spit, but other times they send up a spray nearly three feet into the air which widens at the top of the water arc, carrying the water beyond the width of the pots, spewing water out onto the ground. This empties the pots of their water rather quickly so I am working on a solution. This summer there will be a lot of intense sunshine and between evaporation and the fountains spewing water all over I will be filling those ponds several times a day! I could get larger pots, or….my other solution would be to block some of the sunlight they receive. I hate having to redo them, but I will if it becomes absolutely necessary.

I love gardening and I love working out a design for the layout. I have started my wall along the side yard and have plants already growing in it. It is so satisfying to see it all come together and so beautiful when all the plants fill out the spaces I put them in.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s work I love doing….until it gets too hot. But, by then, everything should be in and growing nicely and all I will need to do is water. And water is expensive these days. Even so, I am happy with the way my yard is shaping up.

Gen. 2:8 “And the Lord God planted a garden toward the east, in Eden….” I love that. God planted a garden! How marvelous! My garden is much smaller than His, I am sure; but I like thinking about God planting a garden. Me and God…together; planting a garden. Nice!


  1. I enjoy reading your stories. And your yard is looking great. I’m not a big Gardener but I do have lots of plants. I see you’re enjoying retirement that’s good love you have a blessed day


  2. Can see you are doing much work in your yard – love the little ponds:) Am not sure if I got back to you on your last comment more than a week ago – sorry, it has been a crazy few weeks, because Hubs had surgery in another town, an hour away, so I/we made many trips for tests, etc. (you can read a little blurb on my All Seasons post, on Sunday (titled All Seasons – April Events). Have a blessed Easter, and hope you will be able to celebrate it with people you are close with:):)


    • I loved doing the ponds in pots, but having issues with them….water bugs invaded. Have dealt with them, but I can see I have much to learn in maintaining the ponds. I saw your post about your husband and am glad he is doing well. Happy Easter to you also.


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