What is life without God? When I look around and see so many who are sad, worn down by life; whose lives are full of trouble and sorrow, I grieve for them because they do not know the goodness of God. It isn’t about whether things in your life are hard or easy. In this world there is sorrow….and hard times, for everyone. It’s a fact of life. You walk through mud puddles you get muddy. Simple. But the person who goes through life without God is like a motherless child. They walk through mud puddles, they get muddy and no one comes along and cleans them up. They stay muddy and with each mud puddle they go through they get dirtier. But the person who goes through life with God is like the child whose mother carefully watches over him, cleaning him up when he gets dirty, binding his wounds, comforting him when he needs it.

I have faced many hard times, gone through many sorrows and times of trouble; but God was always there to help through each situation. I learned to rejoice even on the darkest day; and during those times when my mind just shut down and I literally couldn’t function, He was there to hold me until I could get up again. How can anyone go through what I have gone through without the love of God? My Jesus, my Lord and Savior, is always with me. Whatever my need, He is with me and that need is met. He has covered me with His love, His provision, His comfort; and when I felt lost He came and walked with me until I knew where I was once more.

I have never been forsaken. I have never gone without….whatever the need. If it was comfort there was always comfort close at hand. If it was guidance, it was there in front of me. If it was a friend, a friend was there. If it was food, or clothing, or a car, a home; my need was always met, sometimes in ways I would never have considered. Joy is mine just by praising Him; peace flows when I need it most. Love surrounds me, abundance overflows no matter what my bank book says. God is good. Always!!!

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life; no man comes to the Father but by me.” Are you having trouble finding God? Maybe you’re trying the wrong door. I have heard people say that there are many paths to God; but I tell you that only one path takes you to the door. Jesus is the door. What good will it do you to find God, but not be able to enter into His presence because you are on the wrong side of the wall? You have to go through the door; which Jesus not only is, but He is the one who paid the price for that door to appear in that wall. He paid your price and then gave you free access to the inner chambers of God’s presence, because God loves you.

God is good! He wants to meet with you and He provided you the way for that to happen. I am so glad that I can enter into His presence and sit with Him and converse with Him and turn to Him in all things. I love that!!!


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