It’s Tuesday, but I keep thinking it’s Wednesday. We leave for England on Sunday and every day I think about our departure and then get a day ahead of myself. My mind is trying to hurry things along, but time has a steady beat and can’t be hurried or held back. Time moves at the same pace….every day and every hour; so funny how it seems slow when you are waiting for something and then it seems fast when you don’t want something to end.

Patience needs to be practiced every day, but we don’t like it when we really want things to hurry up. But if they hurry up for real then the thing we are waiting for will go by too swiftly as well; so it’s best just to step back and let patience have its way. I know when this trip is over that it will seem like it just flew by and I will wish it could have been longer.

Life is like that. Some things go by too fast, while other things just drag along. One day time will be no more. We will each of us step off into eternity…..either into God’s eternity; or Satan’s. Either way time will be no more and we will forget what time was like. Lives rushing past, gone too soon, trials and tribulations seemingly unending, hope growing weak with each passing moment; but truthfully it is all really quite short compared to eternity. And death? Death is really just separation from God. Some will spend their eternity in death…without a loving God, no end to the torment of being in darkness. That is a sad thought.

Much of that darkness has come into the world we now live in…., good being called evil and evil being elevated to socially good and acceptable. Our world is full of violence….wars, riots, murders, hate, people rejecting God and His goodness. No where do we see that more than in our own government…the killing of the innocents (how can you call killing a fully formed, ready to be born baby moral?), taking God and His Word out of our schools and government institutions…trying to make the people think that as elected officials they have the people’s best interest at heart when they are actually destroying the rights of American citizens and giving both our rights and our wealth to alien peoples. When I watch what goes on in Congress I can’t help but see the movie “Hunger Games” where the general populace were confined to restricted areas, lived in extreme poverty, had no rights; while the favored elitists lived behind high walls in opulence and decadent wealth that the rest of the country was denied. I believe this is what is happening and will happen if we don’t stop listening to the lies, wake up and fight for our rights and our way of life.

We have sat in idle patience for too long, waiting for what? Someone to come along and rescue us from ourselves? We have a president who is trying to restore our prosperity, trying to undo much of the damage that has been done, draining the swamp which is long overdue and so necessary; but he is not perfect and he can’t stop our decline if we don’t do our part. And that means to stop electing the privileged few just because their names are familiar and we know them. Research the candidates. Who is for the constitution? Who acts like the constitution isn’t relevant? Stand up for what is right. Stop let other people make your decisions for you. Stop voting for people who want to take your rights away. It’s not easy and it’s not safe, but we have to do what our forefathers did…fight against a corrupt government and put our own interests aside. Do you think it was easy for them to sign the Declaration of Independence? They mostly lost everything by doing what they did. Are we going to let what they fought for be tossed aside for a socialist government that negates all our freedoms?

There is a time for patience, then there is a time to stop sitting around waiting and start doing….time to act, time to stand for what you believe in. Because time is running out and if we don’t turn our nation around we won’t have a nation to turn around. Too many of our elected officials no longer believe in or stand by the Constitution. Are you ready to lose all that we have for the convenience of letting the government control everything?

How patient will you be when the grocery stores close because they can no longer maintain their business….or the gas pumps are empty because there aren’t any more suppliers? Be patient while you wait in the doctor’s office or want your vacation to hurry up and come; but stop sitting around waiting for things to change when they will never change without your participation.


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