Yesterday’s post went online without a title. I couldn’t think of anything that would be appropriate for it. I just kept thinking about our young room steward telling us about leaving Acapulco, Mexico because of the ‘bad people’. I can’t forget his face or the fact that he chose to separate himself from his family for eight months so he could support them in safety. His name is Victor and he is a very sweet man, but my heart was saddened when he spoke of his wife and his two little boys at home in Acapulco and how he wouldn’t get to go home until February.

How sad for him; what a brave man he is; to face the loneliness for them, to give them the best life he could. It is a story that happens thousands and millions of times throughout the world and down through the ages. People have been leaving their homes and going in search of a better life for thousands of years, and as those people found new places to live they created communities and set up ways to govern their lives that would help their communities to live at peace with one another. When other people followed them, they scrutinized the newcomers to make sure they would be able to peacefully fit in.

Back in the day when Ellis Island was still open and immigrants passed through its halls; people were required to go through a process of examination before being released into the public. They were given a medical exam and if they didn’t pass they were sent back to where they came from. They were given a mental exam to determine if they were sane or emotionally unbalanced…and if not, back to where they came from. They were questioned as to how they were going to support themselves: did they have a job or a sponsor waiting for them? If not, they were returned to their point of origin.

It is the same today. People coming across our southern borders go through a process of investigation and if they don’t meet the required standard for entry into our country they are sent back to their homes. Adults and children are given medical exams and the process is the same as it has been for several decades under several different presidents. No one complained until President Trump angered certain democrats who now want us to believe evil of him, even though they themselves were in agreement with everything he is doing, before he got elected instead of their candidate.

Yes, it is sad to see how bad things can be in other countries and I feel for those people who must deal with the issues of violence, terrorism, drugs, poverty, homelessness, etc. But wait….we have those same issues here and some of the biggest criminals loose in our country have come from somewhere else…another foreign country. Shouldn’t we be concerned about the impact those people are having on our nation? I have children and grandchildren and I want their future to be secure from those who view us as easy targets for their criminal activities; or those who want to kill, steal and destroy as much of our way of life as they can.

Kill, steal and destroy….oh yes, John 10:10 (Phillips New Testament) “The thief comes with the sole intention of stealing and killing and destroying, but I came to bring them life, and far more life than before.” We not only have people coming to our country to destroy us, but we have people in our congress doing the same thing. Shouldn’t we be concerned about this? Shouldn’t we be doing something about this? Shouldn’t we be standing up and saying no to this?

We need to elect people to office who truly believe in our country and want to do something good for it. We need to speak out against those who are trying to convince us that they know what is best for us; trying to destroy our constitution and our form of government. How can we help anyone anywhere if we as a nation cease to exist? God established this country on His principles. We are one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Isn’t that worth fighting for?


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