America is full of small towns; from coast to coast small towns dot the landscape spreading across the land, small rural, urban areas that blossom with the health and wealth of our nation. I love small town America. I love the sense of community you find there. Today we went to our small town’s car and bike show. What fun! Small town people enjoying small town ways. We watched the American flag being raised by a local boy scout troop, said the pledge of allegiance, and stood respectfully for the singing of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’. We wandered through the rows of old cars, admiring the way they have restored, the colors, and reminiscing about old cars of the past; spoke with people here and there, saying hello to people we knew, enjoying the overall atmosphere of community. We browsed through booths of people earning money through their crafts and businesses; many of whom live on what they earn and enjoy their lives fully even though their incomes are quite small. That’s small town.

Yes, we have cities as well, cities that are quite large and some that are beautiful, but our cities have become factories for liberalism. They fester with hate, hopelessness, poverty and crime. I’m not saying that small towns are perfect, far from it, but they represent the flavor of our country. Small towns dominate the larger portion of our country. It is often small towns that are depicted in movies and books about our country and our people. Cities are often used to represent big business, politics or the lifestyles of the rich and famous. And there is a reason for that: cities are overcrowded and full of commercialism, separated from simple ways of living. Small towns live closer to the earth and are less complicated, and the more complicated things become the more chaotic and confused people living in the midst of it can become.

TV and the internet have closed the gap between cities and small towns somewhat and small town America is more connected to the complications of liberal bias and propaganda than they once were, but still there is a gap and it is noticeable when you travel from to the other. It’s like two different nations living in one country. Most of rural America (my opinion and observation) do not believe in the socialist rhetoric being spewed forth by our politicians today. A great many of small town Americans are confused by the declarations made about Trump’s racism or his bigotry. We don’t see it. Nearly 63 million of us voted for him and will again.

What I hear coming out of the mouths of those who slander President Trump is just that….slander. It’s an attempt to make him look bad even though most of what is said is libel and misinformation. Have you taken notice of the blacks who support Trump? Many of which he has met and spoken with personally? They do not see him as racist. Have you noticed the women who work with him and around him? Strong, bold, independent and very vocal in their support of him? They don’t see him as disrespecting women. Have you seen the Christian leaders who have come to know him, who pray with him, study the Bible with him, support him? They don’t see him as un-Christian.

Have you paid any attention to those who judge him, call him names or spout out their negative views of him? Who are they? Liberals. If you disagree with a liberal they will call you evil. If you stand against their propaganda and their manipulation of the media, they will attack you….[or they will cry]. It’s hard to support Trump when you are told you are stupid or evil for doing so, but we must support him if we do not want out nation to fall apart from within….not because he is so perfect, but because he is fighting for our America and the alternative is unthinkable.

I love small town America, but when it comes to elections we don’t have the votes to carry our principles and beliefs into office. Without the electoral college we would be ruled by the liberalism of big cities and our way of life would disappear. The electoral college is a part of our constitution….like the second amendment that guarantees us the right to bear arms…and both of these are under attack by liberals who want to do away with them so they can gain control of our country. Think about it. Think about who wants to tear down the articles of government that our country is built upon and put up a different form of government…and wants to do this with your cooperation. It isn’t about being perfect or even about the character of a man; it’s about who is fighting for this country and who is fighting against it. It’s that simple.

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