My nephew gave my sister and I the nickname of ‘The Aunt Farm” when my sister moved in with me. I had two cats and she had one dog; but the neighbor’s chickens are in our yard quite a lot and the property is a third of an acre. We laugh about the name a lot, but we have adopted it. It makes us chuckle.

When we came home from our cruise we discovered that two kittens had moved onto our back patio and since we are soft hearted, we kept them. They didn’t look real good when they first arrived, but after a couple of visits to the vet, good nutrition and lots of love, they are looking very healthy. In the eight weeks since we got home, the kittens have gained weight and are nearly triple their former size. They are happy, active and affectionate. My old lady cat doesn’t like them, but she is getting to the point where she will at least tolerate them.

Yesterday, my sister and I went to look at some puppies. My dog died about ten years ago and I never tried to get another dog, until lately. I started 0talking about getting another dog and my sister jumped on the idea. My family are big animal lovers. I resisted the idea because we now have four cats and I have been trying to reassure my older cat that she is still my special princess; but a situation came up that involved seven puppies who needed homes. I was double minded about the idea of taking a puppy, but found myself leaning more in that direction; so we went and looked at the puppies. I tried to resist; not sure it was a good idea, but knew it was highly likely I would end up taking one.

Well, we got there and, of course, they were adorable. We sat and held puppies for awhile. Momma dog nearly climbed into my sister’s lap and sister was ready to take her home as well. She had a puppy in her arms that she liked and we sat and talked about taking two. Since I was fighting the idea of taking one, I questioned whether it would be a good idea to take two. My sister argued for taking two, but reluctantly agreed one was best. I could see that she really wanted to take one for herself; so in the end…..yep! We took two!

They are of a mixed breed…..boxer+pit+shepherd+ whatever else might have crept in. They are very sweet, active and have settled in quite nicely with the new home they have acquired. They are, of course, still babies (eight weeks or so), and so it was up every two hours last night to take them outside for a potty break. The one my sister took stayed in her room and I had the one I took for myself in my room, and we were up and down at different times all through the night. Needless to say, we neither of us got very much sleep, but we expected that. It will take some time for them to learn to behave and become housebroken. Babies of all kinds are like that. My sisters says we are now more like a zoo than a farm!

Animal lovers have a hard time resisting critters especially those that are in need….even when it seems prudent to say no. But, we have the room, we are here all day and we both really did want at least one dog that was more an outside dog to patrol the yard and now…we have two. Hopefully, they will keep the chickens out of the yard and, maybe, take care of any other critters who might wander in…like mice and snakes. Since we live close to the edge of town and near an creek where wildlife wander, we not only get mice, but an occasional snake and sometimes a possum. However, right now, they love best to play and to be cuddled.

My sister lamented about the fate of the other five puppies, but of course we really couldn’t take them all. In the Bible, God said He was not willing that any should perish. II Pet. 3:9 “The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish, but for all to come to repentance.” There is much in our hearts that is a reflection of His attributes. We love and feel compassion because we have received His love and compassion. Animals are a part of the many blessings God has given us and just as we have compassion towards other people, we should also have compassion towards the animals that share this world with us. And for us animal lovers that isn’t hard. For us the hard part is recognizing when something is beyond our ability to do. I have neighbors who take on too much in trying to rescue small animals in the area and end up not really giving the kind of care that those animals need.

Fortunately for us….God has no such limitations. As for my sister and I, I think we have reached our limit of reasonable adoption!


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