Well, the holidays are over; Christmas is past…or future depending on which way you are looking. We are into the third day of 2019…already. And I have a cold…or allergies, or something nasty, and not feeling very well. Went to the doctor and everything looks good, lungs are clear; but I still don’t feel good so I guess I’ll just veg out for a day or two. What a way to start a new year.

On the bright side, my sister and I have been making plans for our trip to England this coming June. It will be my second trip to the UK and this time our cruise ship will stop off at the Orkney Islands. I have always had a love of archaeology and there are sites on the Orkneys that are thousands of years old. How exciting to walk in a place where people lived so long ago and might very well have included some of my ancestors. Either way, I am eager to see those sites.

Traveling is something I do enjoy; seeing new places, meeting new people, seeing this world we live in first hand. And visiting places that are full of history, hundreds of years of history, wonderful and exciting! Seeing the wonders that God created, the vastness of the ocean, strange rock formations, islands and mountains, rivers, valleys, lakes; wondrous landscapes, all is thrilling and so beautiful.

From my home in Northern California I can see Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen and all the Sierra Nevada Range to the east and all the Coastal Range to the west. I have explored some of it and will explore more one day. I have seen the Superstitious Mountains outside of Phoenix, Arizona and stood on the edge of the chasms of the Grand Canyon. I have been in 16 of our wonderful states and hope to visit more. Every place has something wondrous about it, something new and exciting. I don’t suppose I will get to see it all, but I can see quite a bit of it and that is exactly what I intend to do.

So….as I sit here feeling miserable, I am planning; mentally packing my bags, searching out hotels, booking tours and looking forward to setting out on a new adventure.