I wrote an “about me” article for my blog page and like so many others I started it with where I was born. Nice, I suppose, if you need basic identity information. But where I was born doesn’t really tell who I am; it does, however, explain some aspects of me. For instance, I grew up in a small town on the Colorado River…California’s Mojave desert all around me to the north, east and west, and Arizona’s desert across the river to the south. Hundreds of miles of open desert in every direction, but the little town I lived in was smack dab in the middle of a lush, green valley.

The Palo Verde Valley is an agricultural oasis in the middle of the desert. The farmers there grow hay and lots of produce. My parents lived on my great-grandmother’s 60 acre farm where she grew alfalfa and had a farmyard full of chickens. The farmyard covered about three acres and the chicken pens covered about a third of that.

For me that translated into a love of wide, open spaces, farms, old farm houses, doing outdoors things like gardening. I am not a city girl. I am a Christian and my first experience with the presence of God was on a bright, sunny day with a clear, blue sky overhead. I looked up and began to wonder how big and deep the sky was and I knew from somewhere within me that God was bigger than it all! He’s been big in my life ever since.

I am a homebody….never liked working outside my home. Marriage, a home and children were my ideal life and although it wasn’t all perfect and I did end up working to support myself for 21 years, the happiest part of my life was spent being a mom with rowdy kids running in a out, growing a vegetable garden, planting trees, roses and lots of other beautiful flowers….and even raising a few chickens and goats; along with numerous cats and dogs.

So…that tells you a little about who I am. Oh, and I forgot to tell you….I am a writer. So here I am….writing.