Eight and a half years ago I bought a house. And here I am today looking back on those years and thinking about all that I have experienced with it and all the adventures that have taken place in it. It was a buy made in desperation. I lost the house I raised my children in when my ex-husband and I separated. I landed in a very small house on the other side of town where I lived for 10 years. It was a nice little house, but through storms in her own life my daughter and her two girls ended up moving in with me and it quickly became much too small.

Since it was a situation we thought would continue for many years, I felt we needed something bigger. I set out to get a bigger house and quickly discovered that rent was much too high for my income; so I bought. I had two wonderful women who helped in the journey to buy a home: the woman who helped me get my loan and my real estate agent who patiently took my daughter and I through one house after another and until finally I found one I thought would work for us. The purchase was initiated and we went through all kinds of hoops along the way. The house had been empty for a year and belonged to the bank and just when everything was nearly accomplished….they backed out.

Friday I get a call from the real estate agent with the bad news; then she encouraged me to not give up. “Pray about it over the weekend”, she told me. Sunday night I suffered a seizure; the only one I have ever had and for which no cause could be found. Tuesday morning I woke up in the hospital surrounded by family and friends and was informed that I had bought a house! Amazing!

So, we moved in about two weeks later. It is a five bedroom house with two and half baths and it accommodated each of us with our own bedroom! Some four years later my daughter remarried and moved to Colorado! I set about turning each bedroom into a room with a specific purpose: one room as an office, one room as a craft and sewing room, and one as a guest bedroom, with one extra. The extra room was soon taken over by my son and his wife who needed a place to stay while they found a new place of their own. A few months turned into two and a half years.

My sister and I both retired this past year and she moved in with me so we could share housing and living expenses. My fourth change of living arrangements in eight years! And what an adventure it has been. First my daughter and her two girls, their friends and lots of coming and going. Then my new son-in-law and his three kids in and out, filling the house with chaos, noise, and children running in and out (reminded me of the time when my own were their age), then the marriage, the plans for moving and finally an empty house. From an empty house to new tenants, and did I mention the dogs. My daughter’s two dogs, my son’s one dog, and several cats.

Then alone again only to start on the process of fixing the house up in preparation for my sister’s move; both my sisters in and out of the house as we went through all kinds of changes and work that needed to be done. Then the actual move; I had to clear out my craft room and rearrange the rooms that were to be specifically mine, and she had to move not only her stuff, but since she was moving out of the house that had belonged to our parents, she had everything that had been theirs as well. My former craft room is still full of boxes, not to mention boxes in the back hallway and the guest room and the storage shed is full.

This house has seen a lot of moving and changes over the past eight years; as have I. Except for myself, the occupants have changed three times and each time with a new set of dynamics. And so much still to do before we are settled in for what I believe to be the last move for both of us. I still have one cat from when I first moved in and have since adopted another. My sister has a little dog which is a change from two dogs…a big and a small one to another big one. Between us we have three tv’s, two computers, three tablets and three different phone systems.

I don’t know, moving and rearranging everything, changing this service or that one, adjusting to new personalities and personality quirks is very exhausting. This better last because I don’t think I have the energy to do it again!!


    • What a beautiful way to express change. I love this and that is exactly how all this has felt: like the rooms of my heart are being rearranged and rearranged into a more beautiful and perfect pattern. Thank you for sharing that thought with me.

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